Beware of New Text Message Scam Targeting Australian Loyalty Programs


A concerning new scam has emerged and is preying on customers of large Australian companies’ loyalty points programs. The National Anti-Scam Centre has identified this loyalty program scam and is urging consumers to be aware and cautious of text messages they receive concerning their loyalty points.


How the scam operates

The scam targets unsuspecting customers through text messages or emails, notifying them that their loyalty points are about to expire. These deceptive messages contain a link that directs recipients to a fraudulent website designed to mimic the official company page. Customers receive prompts to enter their login details and, in some instances, their credit card information. This ploy grants the scammer access to the customers’ loyalty points and even worse, the customers’ personal information. This stolen personal data is then often exploited within other platforms creating significant distress for the consumer affected.


This scam has already garnered 209 reports to Scamwatch over the course of four months. Large organisations at the centre of the scam include Qantas Frequent Flyer, Telstra, and Coles loyalty programs. However, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission Deputy Chair Catriona Lowe warns about the flexibility of this scam and its ability to apply to any loyalty program.



Can your company protect your customers?

As hackers grow increasingly sophisticated and with loyalty programs in their sights, your organisation must be prepared and equipped to protect your customers. If you offer a loyalty program holding high volumes of personal data, would you be able to accurately assure your customers that you have secure measures in place to protect their personal data? While consumers must be aware of these scams and take precaution to not fall for these tactics, companies should have robust security measures in place that allows them to identify suspicious logins and behaviour across their network and take action accordingly.


DataBench can help

DataBench offers a multitude of leading automated solutions designed to take control and safeguard the personal data you hold. Our platform helps to identify suspicious activity and behaviours across your network to prevent the possible theft of personal data. It applies suitable governance protocols around your sensitive and personal data assets, notifying you of suspicious logins whether from unauthorised countries or users, or dual concurrent logins.


If your company did experience a breach, our breach response automatically prepares an impact statement in accordance with the supporting regulations. This includes a summary report of impacted individuals and counts of sensitive information exposed.


The DataBench platform works to enhance your loyalty and compliance programs to provide your customers with a robust safeguarding framework. Take initiative and be a first mover within this space to set the standard for secure personal data protection and management. If you wish to engage in further discussion or witness our platform in action, book a demo with us today.



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