Extensive Personal Data Mapping


Automated mapping of your structured and unstructured data. Understand where the personal information resides across your organisation. 

QuikLink Connectors

Our library of preconfigured QuikLink Connectors is a core component of our offering. We can connect with existing enterprise applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, databases such as SQL or data stored through excel spreadsheet or text files. Seamlessly integrate with our DataBench solution.

Mapping Structured and Unstructured Data

A key feature of our solution is the extensive data mapping of personal data, which is inclusive of both structured and unstructured data. This can range from data stored in databases to data from emails.

DataBench’s Artificial Intelligence engine can scan large and diverse data repositories, allowing your business to fulfil data subject requests or discovery requests in a timely manner. It gives your business an exact outline of where consumer personal data is stored across your company by utilising our QuikLink connectors.

Databench Data Sources

Automated Data Privacy and Compliance

Learn how our solutions can help you prioritise privacy and protect your sensitive data