Data Privacy Management


Automated end-to-end privacy management

The DataBench Solution for Privacy Management

Include Broad Company Wide Data

  • Any data source necessary
  • Classify and control
  • Meet compliance 
  • Automate customer interactions

Manage Your Risk Profile

  • Help Executive address profiles
  • Remediate all legacy customer data
  • Address liabilities 
  • Boost internal standards postures

Get in front of Privacy Compliance

  • Run internal assessments 
  • Finally make the move to get in front 
  • Meet audit and control requirements 
  • Reduced expense and overhead

Configure your platform to the regulations in your operating regions

Our scalable platform has the ability to cover both local and international privacy legislation if your organisation engages in operations outside of Australia. 

Enhancing Data Management and Classification

Identify which content is important to your organisation plus customise your own policies to better manage, label, tag and control your sensitive data.

  • Data Discovery: You can locate and find structured and unstructured data 
  • Data Mapping: You can create workflows to monitor what’s important
  • Data Classification: Use AI and machine learning to tag files, folders, and all relevant data

Consumer Access Request

With the DataBench platform, you can offer your customers a user-friendly portal where they can manage their data preferences. Customers can use this portal to request a copy of the information you hold and process on them.

Regulations Support

Australian regulations support

  • Copy of my Data:
  • Dispute Request:
  • Access Request/Right to Know:
  • Right to Consent:
  • Right to Appeal: 

New Zealand regulations support

  • Dispute Request: 
  • Request information with no account: 
  • Access Request/Right to Know:
  • Right to Consent:
  • Right to Opt Out/Right to Withdraw Consent/Opt Out of processing of personal data request:
  • Right to Opt Out Automation:
  • Right to Appeal:

Automated Data Privacy and Compliance

Learn how our solutions can help you prioritise privacy and protect your sensitive data