Unleashing the potential of Privacy Enhancing Technologies


Privacy enhancing technologies are gaining widespread adoption as a reliable method to protect personal information. PETs offer organisations unprecedented opportunities to leverage personal data through innovative and trustworthy applications while prioritising privacy and data protection.


Safeguarding Data Protection with PETs

PETs encompass a wide range of tools, techniques and practices designed to enhance privacy and data protection. These Technologies serve as a crucial defence to detect and prevent potential privacy breaches, data misuse and cybercrimes. By adopting PETs organisations can maintain individuals’ privacy rights while still harnessing the power of personal data for within their business. This involves secure sharing of personal data, the ability to perform data analytics and compliance with data protection regulations.


A key feature of PETs is their ability to anonymise personal data. Through techniques like data encryption, tokenisation and differential privacy, PETs ensure that individuals’ identities and sensitive information remain protected during data processing and sharing. This process prevents the identification of individuals, safeguarding their privacy and minimising the risk of re-identification. With individuals and organisations alike seeking ways to balance data utilisation and privacy, PETs have emerged to address this challenge.



Adoption of PETs overseas

We are seeing strong advocation within overseas regions for the adoption of PETs. In the UK there has been strong encouragement from the Information Commissioner’s Office for organisations to embrace privacy enhancing technologies as a robust solution for ensuring secure, anonymous, and responsible sharing of personal information. They are particularly advocating for those larger companies that share large volumes of personal data to consider these technologies.


The ICO have stated that they are committed to supporting UK businesses to develop and innovate technologies that respects people’s privacy. With the G7 counterparts, they aim to facilitate and drive international support or the responsible adoption of PETs.


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Safeguarding your personal information with DataBench

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