Amazon fined $47 Million for Privacy Violations: Children’s Data and Camera surveillance at centre of controversy

Amazon will pay $47 million (US$30 million) to US regulators as a result of ongoing privacy abuses. The company has come under scrutiny for unnecessary data collection and retention practices. The allegations include the unauthorised retention of children’s data and privacy concerns surrounding the company’s Ring video doorbells and security cameras.


Failure to delete data

Amazons faced allegations of retaining data collected from children even after explicit requests for deletion. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) specifically cited cases where voice recordings, transcriptions, and precise location data collected from children via Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant were not removed upon parental request. Furthermore, it was discovered that employees and contractors had unrestricted access to view videos captured by the company’s Ring cameras. Amazon’s actions have been heavily criticised by the FTC. They have stated that Amazon violated children’s online privacy laws and demonstrated a disregard for privacy in the pursuit of profit.

Amazon as a case study

The fines imposed on Amazon for privacy violations highlight the increasing global focus on data collection and retention practices. It is crucial that all businesses comply with regulations and prioritise user privacy to ensure responsible data handling. These developments serve as a reminder for organisations to review their privacy policies and ensure the systems and safeguards they have in place effectively operate to ensure compliance. Businesses need to be aware of this global shift and the duty they have in protecting the personal data they hold.


Automating your privacy compliance programs

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