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The process of automating the handling of data, notice, consent, requests and regulatory obligations is known as data privacy automation.

Generally the regulations don’t define what data privacy automation means specifically but instead contain guidance and best practices that spell out the rights of consumers and businesses.


As companies increasingly look to the future, many plan to increase investment in data rights methods, tool and processes.


So in response here at DataBench we have developed innovative ways to automate your data privacy program to help you meet your compliance obligations.


To complicate matters, almost every business in Australia is unprepared and vulnerable when it comes to finding and managing personal data and most CEOs, Boards and Executives are unaware of what applications and data sets they have across their business. Which means most don’t really know where all the personal data resides and it’s about to get even harder to understand and handle with the incoming consumer data right (CDR) and privacy legislation changes.

Finally understand where personal data resides across your entire business

Secure SaaS service hosted locally. No dev work needed

Relieve your exposure and compliance risk and respond to data requests accurately in days, not months

Businesses must now comply

Even though we are a 100% home grown, wholly owned and operated Australian business focussed on Australian & New Zealand Federal and State privacy laws,  the DataBench platform can cover International privacy legislation as well as our own.

Whether the business is small and only trades with local customers or is a global organisation, our automation scales to meet the various regulations in play.

International Laws:
  • European Union – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA)
  • NZ Privacy Act (NZPA)
  • Nevada Privacy Act
  • Colorado Privacy Act (PPDP)
  • Canada Privacy Act (PIPEDA)


Australian Federal Laws:
  • Consumer Data Right 2020
  • The Federal Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and;
  • Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)
Australian State Laws:
  • Information Privacy Act 2014 (Australian Capital Territory)
  • Information Act 2002 (Northern Territory)
  • Privacy and Personal
  • Information Protection Act 1998 (New South Wales)
  • Information Privacy Act 2009 (Queensland)
  • Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (Tasmania), and
  • Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Victoria)


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