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Our five-year strategy aims to position DataBench as the leader and the largest ANZ based member of world-class providers of data privacy automation.

A legitimate new global industry has emerged before our eyes – Data Privacy rights management and automation are spreading at a phenomenal pace.


At DataBench, we have identified new legislation and laws that outline new rights of consumers and businesses. It has presented a unique set of challenges and difficulties not before seen that hold and process growing amounts of personal information and sensitive data assets.


New legislation and laws have established unprecedented rights for consumers and businesses, presenting unique challenges for businesses holding and processing personal information and sensitive data assets. Mapping personal data has proven difficult for many businesses and is a growing issue as many companies often don’t know where their data resides.


DataBench offers the first automated Data Privacy automated software designed specifically for Australian and New Zealand organisations to address privacy and compliance issues in relation to this legislation and laws.

What’s our Competitive Advantage?

A competitive advantage: 

Leading automation technology that distinguishes DataBench from competitors
us from others

- Backed by regulation
- First to market advantage
- Annuity style revenue 

Financial stability:

Income growth through lack of competition

Exclusive patent advantage:

6 patents filed with international patent cooperation treaty

Experienced management: 

Founder led with clear and realistic vision

Respect for shareholders:

 Focus on investors and growing dividends

When the innovative technologies and effective business models come together, they create a Disruptive strategy that can revolutionise an industry


Investing in DataBench means investing in an Australian-based technology disruptor with a genuine first to market advantage that focuses on Australian and New Zealand Commonwealth & State privacy laws.  DataBench is registered as an ‘Early-Stage innovation Company’ (ESIC), which may make you eligible for tax incentives. Please seek independent taxation advice to ensure your eligibility.

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