Data Classification


Automate the personal data classification process and to efficiently categorise and manage your sensitive assets and liabilities 

DataBench will continuously scan all data sources to discover and classify all personal and sensitive data. This scanning and classification process will include unstructured data like emails and internal messaging platforms, company devices-laptops, mobiles etc. and all corporate applications.

Use AI to automatically attach various tags or labels to your sensitive files, folders or anything other sources that contain material you need to monitor. 

Discovery & Classification

The complex and difficult process of personal data classification requires learned AI and machine learning over time to keep your environment up to date and tidy.


This process can include not only personal data classification, but also contend based classification such as (Tax File Numbers, DOB’s, ABN’s, banking/payment details etc.) plus Contextual Classification such as video, images, drawings, authors, file types or file folder.

Automated Data Privacy and Compliance

Learn how our solutions can help you prioritise privacy and protect your sensitive data