The Importance of Privacy Assessments

In this article, we review the importance of Privacy Assessments in relation to data privacy in Australia. The Importance of Privacy Assessments & Privacy Management Data protection impact assessments and privacy impact assessments, also known as privacy risk assessments, are necessary to estimate and manage the risk to your consumers and to support your organisation’s […]

How do I Delete my Personal Information from the Internet ?

Have you ever thought “How to I delete my personal information from the Internet?” Consider this: How much personal information have you posted online, most of it likely forgotten?   You could have unintentionally posted private information on social media, including names and address of yourself and your family members. Or perhaps you shared with […]

Cookie Consent Compliance

In this article, we review aspects of Cookie Consent Compliance in relation to data privacy in Australia. The privacy act in Australia makes it necessary for every website to include a privacy policy that informs users about cookie consent options such as how the business collects and handles the personal information of their users. Cookies […]

Privacy Right & Privacy Regulations

Privacy right and privacy regulations in Australia

It’s important to know your privacy right and understand privacy regulations and privacy legislation. Information regarding data collection, use, publication, and archiving practices, especially those that involve sensitive data, can be found in a company’s privacy policy. Additionally, it includes guidance on how people can review and update their data. Keeping a low profile Consumers […]

Understanding the Consumer Data Privacy and Protection Act in Australia

data protection act australia

Data Protection – act now in Australia and learn about consumer data privacy laws. These laws refer to how sensitive personal data provided by customers during routine business transactions are handled and protected. The internet has become a tool for commerce, raising questions about consumer data privacy laws. Individuals may be at risk for fraud […]

Australian Privacy Act 1988 – Australian privacy laws

australian privacy act - information privacy act

In this article we review aspects of the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and its principles. As a registered business entity in Australia, you are required to comply with the Australian Privacy Act and Australian privacy laws. The main component of Australian law governing the handling of personal information (PI) about individuals is the Privacy Act […]

What is Data Mapping ?

Data Mapping

The mapping of personal data is the process of creating a link between personal data in one system or database and personal data in another system or database. This can be done to transfer personal data between systems or to integrate personal data from multiple sources into a single system.    Personal data mapping involves […]

What is Structured Data ?


Structured data is information that is organised into a specific format. It is used to describe and organise information in databases, spreadsheets, and other types of data storage systems. It has a wide range of applications including business intelligence, data mining and machine learning. Unlike unstructured data, it can be easily searched, sorted and analysed.  […]