Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Privacy 2022

Data privacy is everywhere. Across more than 100 countries, Governments are now legislating privacy into everyday actions by businesses to build trust and maintain transparency in how they deal with consumer data. We read about privacy every day in the news whether it be headline articles on retailers conspicuously videoing customers for service sentiment or breaches of acts by companies selling (non-consented) consumer data or acts of cyber theft and ransomware. And to think that less than 1% of actual breaches make the press. We rarely read good-news stories on privacy done correctly.

Yet, done correctly, privacy has huge competitive advantages (in addition to meeting regulatory compliance). As organisations begin to place emphasis on privacy (somewhat nudged along by increasing regulatory requirements) business leaders are seeking innovative solutions to keep up with compliance. However, the more forward-thinking leaders are also seeking innovative solutions to accelerate trust and brand awareness which translates into benefits of increased business, greater revenues and more market share.

Gartner® Hype Cycle ™ for Privacy, 2022 has recently been published giving rise to the fact that privacy remains a top priority in managing cyber and IT risk as modern regulations continue to evolve and be deployed. The Hype Cycle ™ assists business leaders with an in-depth look at emerging trends and technologies and where to prioritise strategic investments that shift the focus from privacy compliance to competitive differentiation.

DataBench is an Australian business focusing on Privacy Discovery and Compliance Automation for Australian businesses. We have recognised the need for Privacy Management Solutions that fit the requirements of all business sectors, that leverage the smarts of technology to map privacy data across complex data environments, reduce human processing times and errors, accelerate time to respond to data subject requests and allow businesses to move beyond just compliance to competitive advantage.

We are delighted that our Development Technology Partner, IntraEdge, is recognised as a sample vendor in the Gartner® Hype Cycle ™ for Privacy, 2022 Report for Privacy Management Tools. Working with IntraEdge we have deployed an Australian-compliant, privacy management solution (DataBench Privacy Discovery), securely hosted in Australia for Australian business. Businesses can choose to operate DataBench as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution or from within their own organisation. 

With assessments, businesses can self-assess their readiness and compliance to Australian legislation and acts. With connectors to known structured data sources (your usual business system applications) and unstructured data sources (your emails, documents, PDFs and the like) you have full automation in the processing of consumer’s data subject requests from validation of the consumer through to accumulating their personal data to reporting back to the consumer, all within the one solution and within the legislated time frames.

For further details or to discuss how DataBench can help you on your privacy program journey please see and click on ‘Get In Touch’.


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