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  Yesterday, The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) commended an investigation into the personal information handling practices of Medibank in relation to it’s notififiable data breach.   To help organisations understand what this

As many in the data privacy compliance space will be aware, the federal Attorney General has been leading an overdue review of The Privacy Act 1988 to ensure privacy settings empower consumers, protect their data,

  There’s no doubt that data privacy is a hot topic and almost daily we hear of cyber breaches where personal data has been compromised. The impact to individuals can be massive with long lasting

Why Data Security is of the Utmost Importance for Your Business in Australia A recent study by IBM found that the average cost of a data breach in Australia is now A$4.1M – up from

Cyber Insurance: Treat Personal Information like the Crown Jewels and respect them as priceless assets. A recent article referring to assets of the British Monarchy as King Charles III takes up his new rein, suggested

Data privacy is everywhere. Across more than 100 countries, Governments are now legislating privacy into everyday actions by businesses to build trust and maintain transparency in how they deal with consumer data. We read about

Ever paused to wonder just how far your personal data gets shared, where it turns up, who is using it and for what purposes?   Data Privacy is as much a consumer quandary as it

Welcome to the DataBench Blog site where we will continue to post a series of relevant privacy related topics. To get things going we thought we might kick off with one of the most prominent

Brisbane startup DataBench has appointed its first external CEO with founder David Christmas handing over the reins to veteran APAC technology executive Paul Muller.   Muller has been an advisor to the automated data privacy

In this article, we review the importance of Privacy Assessments in relation to data privacy in Australia. The Importance of Privacy Assessments & Privacy Management Data protection impact assessments and privacy impact assessments, also known

Have you ever thought “How to I delete my personal information from the Internet?” Consider this: How much personal information have you posted online, most of it likely forgotten?   You could have unintentionally posted

In this article, we review aspects of Cookie Consent Compliance in relation to data privacy in Australia. The privacy act in Australia makes it necessary for every website to include a privacy policy that informs