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It’s important to know your privacy right and understand privacy regulations and privacy legislation. Information regarding data collection, use, publication, and archiving practices, especially those that involve sensitive data, can be found in a company’s

Data Protection – act now in Australia and learn about consumer data privacy laws. These laws refer to how sensitive personal data provided by customers during routine business transactions are handled and protected. The internet

In this article we review aspects of the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and its principles. As a registered business entity in Australia, you are required to comply with the Australian Privacy Act and Australian privacy

The mapping of personal data is the process of creating a link between personal data in one system or database and personal data in another system or database. This can be done to transfer personal

Structured data is information that is organised into a specific format. It is used to describe and organise information in databases, spreadsheets, and other types of data storage systems. It has a wide range of

Unstructured data does not have a pre-defined format or structure and is not organised in a predefined manner. It is considered unorganised which makes it difficult to use traditional data analysis methods to extract insights