Australians report Data Breaches as top concern in recent privacy survey by OAIC


The Australian Community Attitude to Privacy survey has unveiled its latest findings.  The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner annually conducts this privacy survey to evaluate the behaviours, attitudes, concerns, and awareness regarding privacy in Australia. There has been a notable spike in the number of Australians that view data breaches as the biggest risk they face today. Furthermore, consumers are growing increasingly concerned about the protection and level of control they maintain over their personal information.


Prioritising Personal Information

Among the surveys key findings, there was a clear expectation and demand from Australians for greater protection and control over their personal information. 84% of survey takers specifically wanted more control and choice over their data. Moreover, it was found that many Australians reported having a negative privacy experience. Given the rising occurrences of data breaches and cyber-attacks, it’s understandable why Australians experience a sense of insecurity. While consumers understand the importance of protecting their personal information, it is evident that they do not feel empowered or informed about their privacy rights.

Does your business operate with privacy in mind?

As a business, you have the responsibility to safeguard and effectively manage your customers’ personal information. It is important to recognise the level of trust your customers put into your businesses when dealing with their personal information. As a business, you should operate with the best data management and handling practices to ensure personal data protection. This can involve routinely purging data to ensure that you’re not retaining information beyond its intended use. It is important to be transparent with your customers, providing them with information that can be easily understood. Your business should give your customers the ability to customise their preferences and have control over their data. These practices minimise your risk as a business as a proactive approach to personal data protection to both preserve trust within your company and shield you from potential legal and financial repercussions.


Empowering Privacy through DataBench

At DataBench, we developed our solutions with the customer at the core of our focus. Our platform allows you to provide your customers with control over their data. It streamlines the process of customer requests and empowers customers to effectively exercise their rights. Our platform also works to streamline the fulfilment process through our automated solutions, keeping you compliant with the various regulations. DataBench’s solutions help you to demonstrate your commitment to privacy and allow your business to operate with the customer in mind. If you’d like to learn more about our leading automated solutions contact us or book a demo today.

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