It Will Be A Heavy Lift To Comply With Incoming Privacy Legislation Changes

There are two distinct sides to the retail shopping data ownership opt-in/opt-out conversation.


One side –

will say that customers are looking for a transactional experience which does not mean the ownership of personally identifiable information comes with the purchase. I just want my groceries and don’t assume you now own my personal information as a result of the business transaction. Even some who join a loyalty and rewards program feel that just wanting a loyalty reward (10% discount at the check-out each month) shouldn’t mean you get my personal information as a result of the relationship regardless of whether you opt-in or out.

Then there are others –

who feel I don’t mind a retail outlet assuming ownership of my personal data and sure, feel free to send personalised advertising my way. It’s a personal choice and no side is necessarily more correct than the other. A bit like most topics these days.

Either way –

what you can’t debate is the emphasis on corporate and retail now to strengthen their privacy compliance programs in anticipation of the impending privacy legislation changes coming our way. This doesn’t just mean business process compliance, it also has to include technical and security compliance and in many cases looking outside your own walls is the best approach. There are some new technologies available that can provide these outputs and outcomes needed that if implemented correctly will create the benefits needed to meet many obligations whether they are desired or not.

These are the precise reasons why we created DataBench, which is specifically a data privacy security and privacy platform that will automate your compliance functions. It doesn’t need to be complicated so just simply reach out and we can help you along. Save time, expense and risk/compliance exposure. –


See this AFR recent article as a classic case in point –



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