I ordered a pizza, and I lost a piece of my privacy


How a quick and easy decision to order a home delivered pizza online turned into a late-night personal data breach panic, and why we need to hold food delivery brands to higher data privacy standards.


Do a quick swipe through your mobile device and you’ll find a growing number of your favourite ‘go-to’ food delivery apps – all ready to accept your order. It’s just so easy, so convenient and so secure… or is it?


In a growing list of national brands experiencing major data privacy breaches and cyber-attacks, Pizza Hut recently revealed that 193,000 loyal customers had their personal data stolen.


So, the question must be asked, what price are we potentially paying by handing over our personal information to companies with poorly managed data security?

Businesses are finding out the hard way that they must treat the handling of personal information seriously – not only because it’s the law, but as a sign of respect to their loyal customers.


I love pizza, and I’ll always love pizza… but I don’t love my personal data being risked and I’m tired of repeatedly hearing about the next business who has been hacked and read the same rehearsed statements, so I’ve decided that I’m breaking up with my favourite pizza brand until I’m assured that they are data privacy secured.


I started DataBench in 2018 to specifically help businesses large and small to address their customer personal data privacy compliance and governance challenges. We have a customer first approach to data privacy, and we have developed solutions that will secure your business today, and into the future.


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