Cars are a Data Privacy Fail (to date, but be patient)

It’s no secret that automated cars are yet to master the concepts of data privacy compliance. It could be fair to say that road, passenger and public safety should take priority in such a way that if the equipment manufacturers (OEMs) don’t get this right you can forget about privacy because there won’t be AVs. Nothing like shutting down extended trials if you take out pedestrians or passengers.


Let’s be honest and all agree the technology created to date is completely outstanding

It should be celebrated in the way radars can monitor the behaviours of surrounding vehicles and predict what is probably going to occur next. Such as monitoring footpaths and people walking with their heads down with wrists at waist level (meaning the human is walking and looking at their phones) and possibly about to step onto the upcoming intersection that states “Don’t walk”, or take corrective action if there is a bouncing ball coming from a yard into a street whilst driving in a suburban area that possibly has a child in pursuit…. it goes on.


Most AV tech is outsourced

For those who might not be aware, car manufacturers for the most part don’t create this tech because they specialise in making cars we want to sit in so all AV components are designed and built by external companies. So there are many providers pushing their tech into internet-connected cars and this presents opportunities for the movement of huge amounts of system data back and forward for operational requirements. So as a by-product our personal information will be caught up in this activity and the challenges are clear.


It’s not unassailable and in fact, we have designed some tech that offers this privacy compliance for the vehicle manufacturers so they in turn can achieve privacy compliance relevant to the jurisdiction their fleets are operating in. So what’s my message – car privacy compliance is not there yet, but it can be achieved and I can prove this. We’ll get there.

We have total faith as we started our privacy compliance automation journey working with Autonomous Vehicle manufacturers to help them get their fleets compliant and on the roads but we realised our vision was too far on the horizon so we pivoted and focussed on data privacy compliance more broadly.  see – Know more about DataBench

If you would like to follow us and our journey through the ever-evolving world of data privacy automation and compliance. Our patented tech is going to change this space –



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